Quick catch-up

Hey there, inconsistency incarnate here, otherwise known as Cosmi, 

So today, I'm going to attempt to fill you people who still care about this mod on, which mainly boils down to just a few things, weapons and the introduction of a possible new character.

Let's start small, with weapons mainly.

So, I plan to get a few weapons into the mod and working in NTT, these will be limited to the basics. and possibly the trademark weapons, such as the : Double Machinegun, Golden Shovel and the *deep breath* DECUPLE-BARRELED SHOTGUN SUPER FLAK CANNON. Of course this is all if I can keep a positive attitude and stop playing video games for an hour or two. 

The BIG part of this update was to tell you all about the next new guy, the Medic
The main gist of the Medic, is that he is able to heal other party members. Or yourself if you choose.

He will have 8 health and start with a revolver, and have a medkit that he is able to throw down somewhere to be able to restore your health or your friends, at the cost of about 5 energy, this can be reduced to 3 with butt

Whats the story, and how was this NERD created?

of course, I conceptualized him to be a robot, i posted the results at some point to the Nuclear Throne discord (which you should totally check out) and I received  some criticism, which eventually lead to BioOnPC asking "why not google animals that have a symbiotic relationship with each other" so I did, don't even remember what the ant did to help some other animal but i ended up really liking the idea and stuck with it.
(Progress of character sprites below)

(Cutie, isn't he?)
Anyways, aside from that its been Business as usual, which means there has been none at all.

Here's some art for the mod or something, our wonderous ant medic was created here by Sadly Just Al

whats image scaling? 

That's all for now, if you managed to read through this or are still holding onto this mod with dear life, I thank you.


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Sep 07, 2017

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